Indians ISP gets eaten by GFAM

Google announced that it will invest for a 7.7% stake in Jio Platforms.
Google would also invest for a 5% stake in Vodaphone.
Facebook invested for a 9.9% stake in Jio platforms.
Amazon is about to invest for a 5% stake Bharti Airtel.
Microsoft may invest for a 2.5% stake in Jio Platforms.

Their goal ? Your data !

Which interests for
G(oogle), F(acebook), A(mazon), M(icrosoft) ?

Obviously not yours.


Your data

In every country, which society can locate someone even if its GPS is disabled ?
The ISP (Internet Service Provider), thanks to GSM triangulation.

Which company can better know what you're doing on the web than the ones that provides you internet ? None.
We can easily guess why companies like GFAM that made billions thanks to people's data want to buy parts of ISP.


Keep up with the others

Which adversary represents a danger for these giants? Another giant!
It is important for them not to let another one go without monitoring!

How to protect from them ?

The main ideas


Encrypt your internet connection

VPN ? Tor ? Both of them ?
You will find advantages, disavantages and tutorials for these solutions below !


Encrypt your messages

Yes, but sending them with or without internet ?
Here are some ideas to answer to this question !


Reduce your fingerprint on the web

We will describe a set of good practices to follow on this page.

ProtonVPN,Tor, both ?



ProtonVPN + Tor

Why ProtonVPN and not another one ?

It has two main differences with all the other VPNs :
- Its history :
ProtonVPN is developed by Proton Technologies AG, created by scientist of the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), which already relased  Protonmail (1)
- Its sources
Furthermore, ProtonVPN became the first VPN to be fully open-source. It's quite important that every people can check what's inside a tech when it's supposed to protect their datas.

Of course it has all the advantages (split tunnelling, kill switch, no log policy ...) that you can find in other VPNs, you can see the details here.

Why not NordVPN or ExpressVPN ?

If these VPNs are so famous it's because they have the best affiliate programs, not because they are the best.
By the way NordVPN has already been hacked.

Why not a free VPN ?

Around 60% of the free VPN app are from developers based in China or with Chinese ownership so it can't be good news for privacy.

But even if it wasn't the case, just think about it :
Building and maintaining a VPN has a high cost. You must pay employees, buy or rent servers, stay up-to-date (concerning security breachs) ...

If the VPN service is 100% free, how can a compagny be profitable ?
There is no magic solution.
Money comes from your data.

Yes, ProtonVPN is pretty expensive - even if they have a limited free version - but it's the cost for a service that respects your privacy.

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