Which plan for protonVPN ?

See the advantages of each plan !
After that we will describe the features of the different plans.


$ 0 per month

  • 3 Countries

  • 1 Device

  • Speed: Medium

  • What you can't do with this offer :
  • P2P - Tor over VPN - connect to secure code - streaming - optimal speed for your everyday browsing


$ 5 per month

  • 51 Countries

  • 2 devices

  • Highest speed

  • P2P

  • $4 per month if you choose the 1-year plan / $ 3,29 per month if you choose the 2-year plan

  • What you can't do with this offer :
  • Tor over VPN - connect to secure code - streaming


$ 10 per year

  • 51 countries

  • 5 devices

  • Highest speed

  • P2P
  • Secure Core
  • Tor Servers
  • Secure Streaming

  • $8 per month if you choose the 1-year plan / $ 6,63 per month if you choose the 2-year plan

Some cool features

Kill-switch option

If kill-switched option is activated and that, for any reason, you get disconnected from ProtonVPN, you internet connection will be blocked so the only internet connection you have will be secure, even if there are some trouble.

Split tunneling

If you want to exclude some apps from the VPN (for example if you don't want a social network to know you're using a VPN), so all your connections will pass through ProtonVPN except traffic from the apps you excluded.

DNS Leak Prevention

Even in case of DNS leak, your online activity can't be leaked because ProtonVPN is also protecting your DNS requests.

Available for almost any PC

ProtonVPN is available for Windows, Mac and linux !

Mobile Friendly

A Mobile App is available, for Android and iOS.


You can have one account for several devices - for your family for example 

Some good news about ProtonVPN

  1. 30-day money-back guarantee - As you can see in their terms and conditions there is a 30-day money-back guarantee option.
  2. Swiss based VPN - You can read in this article why Switzerland is a great place for a VPN service.
  3. No log policy - They describe on this page the information about their users their are storing.

What does it do ?

It encrypts your internet connection so that neither your ISP nor any intermediary can see what you're doing.


It hides you activity from any entity (ISP, governement, hackers ...)

If you're connected to ProtonVPN these entities won't be able to block or censure you; they won't be aware of what you're doing but according to the amount of data you're consuming they can guess: they can know if you're downloading things (but they won't be able to determine what), watching movies (but they won't be informed of which movies), or browsing classic websites.


It uses military encryption for more security

This is more like a commercial sentence : nowadays almost every website is secure (thanks to https) so that password can't be stolen by any intermediary between your device and the website you're browsing. This was a good argument a few years ago, now it's pretty useless.


It hides your IP and its country.

If some websites or services blocked your IP you can bypass it thanks to ProtonVPN.
If a website (Netflix, Youtube, ...) doesn't offer some services (like movies) in your country you can also connect yourself to an american server and therefore access to the blocked content.
Finally if someone want to d(d)os (try to block you internet connection) you, he won't be able to do that, because he will attack ProtonVPN IP, not yours.

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