You have probably heard about Darknet, Tor, Onion.
But you might have not paid attention or undestood how it works.
We will explain you what it is, how it works and how to use it.

What is Tor ?

This should be your first question.

Tor (The Onion Router) is both a network and a software to access to this network.
It has been build by computer scientists and mathematicians with the help of the DARPA.
From this network you can access .onion websites, that are hidden and inaccessible if you're not using Tor.
This is part of the Darknet.
Tor also encrypts your connection, so people can't intercept it.


Not to be mistaken with the deep web, which is just part of the web that can't be indexed by search engine

The darknet is an overlay network of the internet. You can find on it social networks, forums but also shop (that often are illegal or scams).

Because anonymity is better on the darknet, it's used by people living under governments that practice censorship;  by whistleblowers; but also by criminals.

How does it work ?

To make it simple, if you're using Tor and you want to connect to your computer will send an ecrypted request to a first Tor relay, this relay will send the request to another Tor relay, which will send the request to another Tor relay which whill access the server of (3 Tor relay is the minimum).
This way, the website will see the IP address of the last Tor relay.

Disavantages : because your request is going through many servers, you connection could be slow.

Tor and VPN

Why use Tor over VPN ?

Your connection will firstly go through the VPN server and only then through the 3 Tor relays. This means that if any relay is corrupted or has security breach (already happened) none of these relays wil know where the connection is really coming from; they will see VPN IP. It can also be useful if your country blocks Tor and not VPN, and you don't want to configure Tor bridges.

ProtonVPN, in its plus and visionnary plans*, includes Tor over VPN in a single click, so you don't have to configure anything !

Tor is also integrated in Brave browser* and you can use it when you open a private tab.


When you open the Tor browser, you will have to choose between a simple connection (if you're not a country that censors Tor) or a configuration button, that will allow you to setup bridges and proxy. The first option is probably enough (especially if you use Tor over VPN) but if it doesn't work, you can try the 2nd option.
After that you will be connected to the Tor network. 

How can I help ?

A volunteer, if it has a minimum of computer knowledge, can setup a Tor relay. While it isn't an exit relay it shouldn't be any problem. (else you can be held for responsible if some illegal activities occures while you're the exit relay)

The more relays they are, the more secure Tor is !

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